When it comes to your phones…

Order Taking & Processing

  • Product Knowledge
  • Conversational Scripting
  • Accurate Quotes
  • Gentle Up-selling

He said – “My company sells educational videos. We regularly advertise our phone number on Public Television, for special offers. We need to have costs quoted for quantity, the shipping and handling of videos, some gentle up-selling in the offer of workbooks and companion videos. I want people who are knowledgeable about my products and who can answer questions. And accept Credit Card payments on my account, safely! Can Focus provide all that, cost effectively?”

We said – “Absolutely! If you provide us with a schedule of when the advertisements will run, we can staff for your needs. Our equipment will take care of all the math and taxes, and simple scripting will help our agents until they have a strong knowledge of your products.”

We are proud to have been a vital part of this company since 2001; and we were delighted to recently attend the National Press Club Premiere of yet another video. Helping our customers grow is what Focus is all about.

Now our CUSTOMER says – “We have been a very satisfied customer of Focus Telecommunications since 2001. Focus is highly competent and most importantly customer friendly operators have been taking orders for our documentaries after they air on public television stations nationwide. The executive staff is truly professional in our relationship and dedicated to satisfying our marketing needs ranging from knowledgeable advice regarding operator script suggestions, to arranging appropriate operator coverage based on the various time zones when our program airs.. I am impressed how well the operators know our program to answer customer questions. I find their rates reasonable and fair. After all these years we truly believe Focus is Family!”

Gerald K