When it comes to your phones…

Have It Your Way

  • Tell us what YOU want
  • We can do it!

He said – “We have a tight budget and not enough employees, so we’re crazy busy! We’re hoping you can help us with our pretty complex needs. Can we talk?”

We said – “Definitely! We are always willing to customize your service so you get exactly what you want at a price you are looking for. In this case we can use programming to define different categories of calls so each can have its own instructions. That will make taking accurate messages fast and simple. We can use “humane and helpful voice mail” to direct callers to each category and that will help control costs. BUT, we will never leave anyone in voice mail jail; they will always be able to reach an agent when they need assistance.”

Now our CUSTOMER says – “Of all the companies I have been with over the last 25 years, I have always carried Focus with me and I always will. Focus is awesome! Customer service is paramount and this is truly a win-win relationship.”

Mike M