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We realize the sensitivity and professionalism needed to support your callers. Emergencies happen anytime of the day or night and you can rest assured that Focus will handle every one with respect and compassion, just as your staff would. Focus is an award winning family run business and we understand the importance of every message and getting the best value for your money. Our staff will be trained and tested specifically on your account before they ever answer a call. Their education doesn't stop there we have ongoing training and quality control evaluations for all our agents.

Focus can:

  • Handle your emergency calls with care and compassion
  • Screen your calls
  • Give out your location and driving directions
  • Relay messages to specific callers when they call in
  • Let callers know visitation schedules
  • Relay all of your calls accurately and promptly to the office or Funeral Director
  • Allow you access to our system through our web portal - change your on-call, view your messages and print reports
  • Offer cost saving service packages

    "Focus has done a great job handling emergency calls and screening emergency calls. Agents are always polite and respectful to the callers and they have been a good reflection on our business."
    J.K. with OMC

    If you had a bad experience with another answering service or just want to get it right the first time,
    call Focus TODAY at 1-800-886-6696; we are ready to be on your team!

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