When it comes to your phones…

Experience Counts

​At Focus Telecommunications, Inc. our answering service agents have experience!

  • 100% of our administrative staff have been with us over 16 years
  • 75% of our agents have been with us for over 5 years
  • 33% of our employees have been with us over 20 years!

Selecting an answering service can be a difficult decision. Each person you talk with is going to emphasize the things they feel their company does best. Which can leave YOU comparing apples to oranges. In an industry where the average agent turnover is 30% to 45% , one of the most important things to ask is, “How long have your employees been with you?”

Why is that so critical?

Fewer mistakes, Lower Costs, Faster Service, and Better Representation of your Business. An experienced agent has higher rates of satisfaction than newer agents. They understand the nuances of each client’s business philosophy.

Lower costs, call control results in a shorter talk-time for each transaction that an experienced agent handles.

Faster service, experienced agents can navigate the account profiles more intuitively, and are better able to take control of, and guide a call.

Better representation of your business, you can trust a service with experience to be able to answer questions without searching for the answers, providing more positive outcomes for your callers.

The longevity of our agents and administrative staff tells us (and you) that we’re doing something right. Our employees are happy here, and that means they care about our company – and YOURS!