When it comes to your phones…

Email & Web Chat Monitoring

  • Timely Response
  • Limited Fulfillment
  • Customized
  • Advancement

She said – “I could easily spend half my day answering e-mails and explaining things to my clients. But I need to be doing the real work. Can you help me?”

We said – “We’d be happy to! Our agents are proficient in both answering the phones and texting, whether in e-mail or chat. We’ll work with you to provide scripts that will allow our people to offer knowledgeable and prompt replies.”
Now our CUSTOMER says – “Responding to e-mails used to be such an interruption! I know it’s important for my clients to get help right away; and now Focus takes care of that for me. I am able to work without losing my train of thought; and I get so much more done. THANK YOU, FOCUS!

Donna W.