When it comes to your phones…

Administrative Assistant

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She said – “I want someone to answer ALL my business calls, use my web portal to access our computers and tell callers the status of their project. I never want to answer my phone. Can you do that?”

We said – “Certainly! We give callers detailed instructions, accept credit card payments, and call clients back. We can provide partial scripting and simple bullet points for our staff so we sound completely natural.”

Focus has provided this client with a virtual office staff for over five years, allowing their few employees to work without interruption, and keep their payroll costs low.

Now our CUSTOMER says – “Focus has allowed our small company to work big with fewer employees. We are able to work throughout the day without interruptions; because Focus is answering our client’s questions, researching the status of their projects and accepting their payments. We know their agents are sometimes speaking with several of our callers at the same time, providing timely responses that would be impossible with our small staff. They are delivering exactly the service we hoped for in a very cost-effective manner. We could not be as profitable as we are without Focus.”

Susan M.