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"Focus News"
Focus does it again - we won the 2016 Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction for excellence in answering service. , 1/2 off* activation fee. *Contact Kathy for more information 1800-886-6696 or

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Telephone Answering Services
Ordertaking - Credit Card
Customer Service Support
RSVP Services
Service & Utilities Companies

Medical-HIPAA Compliant
Website & Email Answering
Appointment Scheduling
20 Answering Service Secrets

Property Management
Help Desk
Call Center Services
Funeral Homes

Technical Support
Virtual Receptionist
Government Support

"15 years of dependable service. What more can I say? If you want a thorough service, call Focus. I can sleep at night!"
        JC, President CWR

"We were recently awarded a contract based on the fact that Focus was a minority Business Enterprise. Thanks for going through the process to help clients like us."
        LW, President HH Services

"I discovered Focus when I called a local service company and the call was answered by Focus, it was handled so well it took me three minutes before realizing that I was not speaking to the owner of the service company. I had found my answering service provider and they have provided my practice with the same outstanding service."
        Dr. MK

"We believe in being a driving part of the answering service industry.
We have, since the beginning, shared our methods with our colleagues

Business Answering Services

Providing 24 hour telephone answering services for small businesses.
Featured answering service for all business telephone needs nationwide on
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